Lubriplate Petroleum-Based Hydraulic Oils

Lubriplate HO Series Petroleum-Based Hydraulic OilsHO Series: Petroleum-Based, Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oils.

Petroleum-Based, Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oils.

Formulated for superior performance, this series contains fluid zinc to effectively reduce ring and vane wear. High aniline points ensure long seal life with fewer leaks. They can withstand elevated temperatures and high pressures over extended drain intervals. High natural V.I. provides stable viscosities over a wide temperature range. Excellent ISO cleanliness ratings.

Lubriplate Low Temp Petroleum-Based Hydraulic OilsLow Temp Hydraulic Oils: Petroleum-Based Oils For Low Temperature Applications.

Petroleum-Based Oils For Low Temperature Applications.

MV-HO Multi-Viscosity, Special Low Pour, and Minus 70 Hydraulic Oil are for low temperature applications.