Lubriplate Specialty Petroleum-Based Greases

Lubriplate EMB - Electric Motor Bearing GreaseEMB - Electric Motor Bearing Grease

This NLGI 2, lithium polymer type grease was developed specifically for the lubrication of high speed, electric motor bearings, fans and other high speed grease type ball and roller bearings.

Lubriplate Poly HP-2Poly HP-2

Polyurea-thickened type grease is formulated with the highest quality paraffinic base oils available. Excellent for high-speed electric motor bearings and other industrial applications.

Lubriplate Power Hammer & Chisel GreasePower Hammer & Chisel Grease

This Heavy-Duty, extreme pressure type, aluminum complex grease with moly, copper and graphite, is made for use on most types of heavy-duty power hammers. Greatly extends shaft and bushing life.

Lubriplate X-357X-357

A special extreme pressure moly-fortified lubricant that penetrates and adheres, water resistant. Use on pintle hooks, slide axles, open gears, fifth wheels.

Lubriplate No. 777No. 777

This special grease lubricant has been approved by Ford Motor Co. specification ESF-M1C-26-A for use as a starter motor shaft lubricant. Also approved for starter drives on Evinrude / Johnson outboards.

No. 107 Concrete Form ReleaseNo. 107 Concrete Form Release

This soft grease can easily be sprayed on form contact surfaces providing immediate release once the concrete is set. White in color, it will not stain the casting.

Lubriplate DS-ES Electric Switch LubricantDS-ES Electric Switch Lubricant

Developed for the lubrication of electrical switch contacts. Used extensively in the automotive industry for switches, sockets, and wiring harness connectors. Excellent oxidation resistance and compatibility with metal, plastic and rubber.

Lubriplate GR-132 Portable Tool GreaseGR-132 Portable Tool Grease

A light viscosity oil combined with a lithium combination thickener makes GR-132 ideal for applications where fluid friction must be kept to a minimum. Ideal for the small gear cases in portable tools.

Lubriplate Lithium Brick GreaseLithium Brick Grease

This NLGI No. 6 grade lithium grease is recommended for open slot and open well type bearings where the brick grease rides directly on the bearing shaft.

Lubriplate AeroAero

This NLGI 1, lithium type, low temperature grease for cold temperature applications down to -60°F. / -51°C. Provides low-torque start-up capability, excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance and wide compatibility with metals, plastic, and rubber. Excellent for garage door mechanisms.

Lubriplate No. 5555No. 5555

Semi-fluid, Anhydrous calcium type lubricant. Excellent for automatic lubricating systems operating in cold environments.