Lubriplate Spray Lubricants for Automotive & Industrial Use

Lubriplate Chain & Cable Fluid - Penetrating OilChain & Cable Fluid - Penetrating Oil

A superior, cleansing, non-gumming penetrating oil for wire rope, chains, cables and general lubrication. Prevents rust and corrosion and protects brightwork. Loosens rusty nuts and bolts. Excellent drilling, tapping, and sawing oil. 11 OZ. / 311.8 g. spray can.

Also Available in Bottles, jugs, pails and drums.

Lubriplate Gear Shield Extra HeavyGear Shield Extra Heavy

Developed for easy lubrication of open gears. A tough, tacky grease. Excellent for fifth wheel applications. Packed in handy 11 OZ. / 311.8 g. spray can.

Also available in pails & drums.

Lubriplate Spray Lube "A" - White Lithium GreaseSpray Lube "A" - White Lithium Grease

A multi-purpose, white lithium-based lubricant of medium density. Sprays like a fluid, congeals to a grease. Excellent for latches, locks, hinges, battery terminals and other hardware. 11 OZ. / 311.8 g. spray can.

Lubriplate X-357 - Extreme Pressure LubricantX-357 - Extreme Pressure Lubricant

An extreme pressure lubricant that penetrates and adheres. Water resistant and unaffected by temperature extremes. For use on pintle hooks, slide axles, open gears, fifth wheels. Contains moly-disulfide. Packed in 11 OZ. / 311.8 g. spray can.

Lubriplate Marine & Auto GuardMarine & Auto Guard

Multi-purpose penetrating oil. An excellent “wet start” product. Spray on wet plug wires and distributor cap. Excellent moisture displacement properties. Prevents rust and corrosion. Excellent fogging oil. 12 OZ. / 340 g. spray can.

Lubriplate Oil Well In a BottleOil Well In a Bottle

An excellent multi-purpose, penetrating oil ideal for slides, hinges, rollers, cables, frozen nuts and bolts. Prevents rust and corrosion. Moisture displacing agent works on wet ignition for “wet start.” Packed in 14 OZ. / 414 ml. non-aerosol, hand pump, spray bottle.

Lubriplate Biodegradable Penetrating Oil Multi-Purpose Lubricating FluidBiodegradable Penetrating Oil: ECO-Friendly, Biodegradable, Vegetable-Based, Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant.

ECO-Friendly, Biodegradable, Vegetable-Based, Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant.

An environmentally friendly, biodegradable, bio-based, lubricating oil.

For general lubrication of hinges, locks, latches, slides, chains, cables or anywhere metal contacts metal. Ideal for cars, boats, bicycles, garden equipment, guns, tools, office equipment, garage doors, farm equipment and golf courses.

Provides a long lasting protective film that prevents friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Excellent moisture displacement properties.

Lubriplate FGL-1 SprayFGL-1 Spray

Class H-1 lubricant in handy, easy to use 11 OZ. / 312 g. spray can. Quick and clean applications. Fortified with anti-wear, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion additives.

Also available in bulk sizes.

Lubriplate FMO-350-AW SprayFMO-350-AW Spray

A multi-purpose, Anti-wear fortified, food machinery oil, in easy to apply spray can. For use where a Class H-1 oil is required.

Lubriplate Super FML-2 SpraySuper FML-2 Spray

A Class H-1 white lubricant in handy, easy to use spray can. For use in food processing operations where a Class H-1 lubricant is required.

Other size containers available in FML Series.

Lubriplate SFGO Ultra-7 SpraySFGO Ultra-7 Spray

A multi-purpose, synthetic, chain and penetrating fluid spray lubricant, for use on bottling, dairy and food processing machinery. For chains, slides, tools and general lubrication.

Lubriplate Food Grade Silicone LubricantFood Grade Silicone Lubricant

A multi-purpose, silicone lubricant for use on bottling, dairy and food processing machinery. For slides, chains, O-rings, rubber seals and general lubrication.

Lubriplate FMO-85-AW SprayFMO-85-AW Spray

A multi-purpose Class H-1 oil. Packed in 14 OZ. / 414 ml non-aerosol pump spray bottle.